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5 Rhythmen dance Berlin

Written by Giovanni

very nice 5 rhythmen dance in Berlin you can enjoy at Samar Linn.

Klick here to look Samar Linns website

I know Samar since 2019 and like her dance classes, I enjoy it several times and it was allways high quality and a realy great flow.

5 Rhythem Dance is magic and horny in Berlin

especially in the fucking corona time we dance together very energy driven .

for information reguarding 5 Rhythmen dance look here

Quotation Samar Linn 5 Rhythmen danceing

I’m insatiably fascinated by the paradox of all things.

That with a birth, there is inevitably a death. That within the profane, sacredness breathes. That in the space between right and wrong, freedom dances.

I’m humbled by the human experience where we are a cumulation of our experiences, cultures, environments and, at any point in time, have the potential to radically shape-shift, morph, transform.

I facilitate settings where groups and individuals may unearth their unique human magic by unshackling themselves from what no longer serves and by expanding more fully into their infinite mystery.

Bildrechte dance Berlin, Pixabay cc ivanovgood

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