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about burnout

burn out
Written by Giovanni

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Burn out

burn out is a stressed caused psychological disaeas, increasing in industrial nations und high impulse towns, like New York City, Berlin oder Hamburg. Burn out makes your life unhappy. Burn out is dangerous!


Quotation New York Times:

„Common Work Stressors

• Overcoming challenges associated with new software, changing atmospheres or different processes

• Unrealistic deadlines

• Frequent scheduling conflicts or interruptions

• Unpredictable schedules

• Physical demands like exposure to weather or heavy lifting

• Added responsibility beyond the initial scope of one’s role while not being compensated for the supervision

• Interpersonal demands such as interactions with colleagues or customers

These stressors can manifest in outbursts against co-workers, violence or anger toward loved ones at home, loss of appetite and passion for things once loved, or being unable to find motivation for things that you were able to accomplish with ease.“

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About the author


Giovanni ist studierter Jurist und Philosoph als Marketingleiter bei einem Mittelständler unterwegs, Geschäftsführer einer Agentur, ehrenamtlicher Sterbebegleiter, zertifizierter Trauerbegleiter, Beirat ITA Institut für Trauerarbeit, Mitgliedschaften: Marketing Club Hamburg, Büchergilde Hamburg, Förderverein Palliativstation UKE, ITA, Kaifu Lodge, Kaifu-Ritter