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applied neurolgy sport

a new way of sports is  training in connetion to applied neurology awareness


Dr. Eric Cobb  was inventor of applied neurology training methods. His blog was very interesting: Z Health –link.  This method became famous at football WM 2014. Teams using this method were be very succsessfull.

neurology training in Hamburg

I will be try this method, to grow in my sport performance – Squash. In the best sport club of Hamburg, Kaifu Lodge, I get the chance to learn parts of this distinguish method. I`m courious about it

Handbook applied neurology training University Paderborn

For further information about  you can read in a detailed handbook of University of Paderborn link.

The course: M1 focuses on the impartment of neurological knowledge as a basis for further application and research-oriented contents of the program. First, a basic understanding of neuro-anatomical, physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms of the nervous system is established. Specific knowledge with regards to symptoms and syndromes of diseases and injuries within the nervous system (i.e. different types of dementia and epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, concussion) as well as systemic diseases with the nervous system involved (i.e. connective tissue disease, angiopathy) completes the acquisition of neurological knowledge. Due to the application of different teaching and learning arrangements, comprehensive key skills like practicing different types of presenting, or working effectively in small groups are enforced. 5 Learning outcomes / Competences:  Knowledge about mechanisms of pathogenesis and maintaining healthQuotation Uni Paderborn:

 Knowledge about physiology and pathophysiology of the nervous system  Deepened knowledge about specific diseases and injuries ofthe nervous system and ways to handle them  Development of interpersonal skills and communication competence through working in small groups and presenting results

Book about applied neurology training:

Fitness Professionals Guide to the NeuroRevolution by Dr. Eric Cobb – link to amazon

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