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google maps don t know garaden boboli Florance open doors

Written by Giovanni

New expierence from Florance Firenze in summer 2022.

If you want to go by feet to Palazzo Pitti. and you stand at the other side, google maps want to direct you through closed doors.

Garden Boboli. is a nice part of Piazzo Pitti. , you need an entrance ticket

further informations about Garden Boboli, here

For my point of view Graden Boboli it s nice to know, but not a must have of Florance, Firenze

at this point, don’t despair, but use your own brain and don’t trust the google god for once. We should always have a critical reflection distance on everything in this world anyway – even on the seemingly infallible google. In reality it take not more then 15 Minutes to find the only open door.

If you want to go from Piazzo Pitti to the gardens Boboli it s very easy . there is a direct entrance in the courtyard. of Piazzo Pitti, link.

google maps irritation Florance garden boboli

More interesting details about Florance, Uffizi. look here

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