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history of techno club Berlin TRESOR

Written by Giovanni

1991. was a new style created in the culture main city. BERLIN. The history story told us, that music style Techno was established and invented in Berlin. The in the world famous Techno Club called Tresor.

Now you can see a exhibition about the history of TECHNO and the TECHNO CLUB in Berlin

Quotation of TRESOR about the exhibition TECHNO:

„Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit is a personalised, audio-led exhibition-experience taking place in Kraftwerk. Through films, sculpture, archival objects and photography the exhibition explores the three decade long story contextualising techno’s ‘big bang’ in Berlin the early 90s. Specific historical conditions created the external circumstances for this movement to explode at that place and at that time. The exhibition examines Tresor’s winding journey in context – from its pre-history in the unusual economic and social conditions of West Berlin to its transition into the cosmopolitan capital city of today. Through archival material and artworks, combined with a spatialised headphone audio-system, Tresor 31’s exhibition explores the personal narratives that underpinned techno culture since its beginnings as an artistic and social movement.“

Openining hours TECHNO exhibitions Berlin TRESOR

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 1pm – 9:30pm

This exhibition is only in July 2022 !

open Air Party in Berlin at 9.7.22

The amazing Party Love Parade start again after a long break now, look here

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