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from USA Kansas reported „THE NEW YORK TIMES“ about attitudes of farmers and their responsibilty climate change

logicial clear is, that the climate change induced und  caused by the humans. Especially the US-Amerika citizions have responsibillity for the world climate change. The former US President works hard, to change the mind und behaviour in the staates. Now the gouverment seems to be unimpressed, but relevant is only the law of nature, natural science. Natural based facts were be not made by politican – Facts can be explored by natural science, Facts are realy truth, without any interpretation and discussion.

Here the original link from the New York Times.


„In short, he is a climate change realist. Just don’t expect him to utter the words “climate change.”

“If politicians want to exhaust themselves debating the climate, that’s their choice,” Mr. Palen said, walking through fields of freshly planted winter wheat. “I have a farm to run.”

 Here in north-central Kansas, America’s breadbasket and conservative heartland, the economic realities of agriculture make climate change a critical business issue. At the same time, politics and social pressure make frank discussion complicated. This is wheat country, and Donald J. Trump country, and though the weather is acting up, the conservative orthodoxy maintains that the science isn’t settled……“
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