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leather from Firenze

you are looking for stylish leather creation from Firenze in bella italia?

We can show you the factory in Florence named


We was realy surprised how many shops in Hamburg, Germany maintain products from THE BRIGDE, because this significant leather creations are not cheap.

You can look on their website here. UK-Version. For special sales offer, click here. In UK  40 % less

The German Version of the leather shop and products – see here. For special sales offer, click here  In Germany only 30 % less…

we copy the text from the website of THE BRIDGE:

The Bridge has always distinguished itself from the very beginning by its “English style” and top quality products made with excellent materials and unique processing techniques handed down by Florentine master craftsmen

The Bridge is a journey spanning fifty years.

It’s a bridge that’s renewed by uniting tradition and modernity, nostalgia and joie de vivre, vintage and a green soul. It’s a story of superior-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. It’s the Tuscan way of life embodied in bags and accessories with a natural, timeless elegance and made of full-grain, vegetable-tanned Italian leather polished to become soft and incredibly radiant.

The Bridge expresses the values of fine Italian manufacturing while drawing on a romantically retro English-style aesthetic. Today we see its target world – related to the youth and globetrotting culture of the Seventies – in the hipster culture, the offspring of the digital revolution. But while fashions pass, The Bridge’s elegance remains. Classic, unmistakeable, worldly-wise. And always inseparably bound to a Slow Life approach, nomadic and eco-friendly.

Each individual piece in the collection – made unique by artisan manufacturing traditionally associated with Florence and Tuscany – becomes a piece of life lived, a sign of style, a travel companion that expresses the new millennium with a bohemian spirit.

leahter bag firenze inside

leather bag firenze


Scopri i negozi The Bridge più vicini a te fra oltre 1300 punti vendita in tutto il mondo.

update günstige Ledertaschen, link.


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