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Mind wandering makes us unhappy

An intresting study from Havard University about focusing and thinking shows, that not focused thinking guide us to an unhappy life.

Quotation Havard University: „people spend 46.9 percent of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they’re doing, and this mind-wandering typically makes them unhappy. So says a study that used an iPhone Web app to gather 250,000 data points on subjects’ thoughts, feelings, and actions as they went about their lives.“

“Mind-wandering appears ubiquitous across all activities,” says Killingsworth, a doctoral student in psychology at Harvard. “This study shows that our mental lives are pervaded, to a remarkable degree, by the nonpresent.”

Link to Havard Gazette

What can we do against Mind-Wandering?

Meditation introducting Berlin- Dharma Mati Center

You can try do focus your mind with mediatation. Buddhist Mediation you can learn in Berlin at 28.01.2018 – West-Berlin – Dharma Mati, Soorstr. 85, 14050 Berlin . The day beginns at 10 o clock, without costs. You can learn diffent methods of meditation.  The Rgipa Center in Berlin is wonderfull and great. Realy big rooms give s possibility to imerge in a new world. Further information here.

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