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Northern lights Norway

Written by Giovanni

very interesting is the idea to save our souls with the projekt

Northern Lights

read more in Tagesspiegel

read more from the company constortium, northern lights, of follow this link

Northern Lights is a major part of the full CCS value chain initiative by the Norwegian state called “Longship”. Initial capacity will be 1.5 million tonnes of COper year. Subject to market demand, the capacity can be increased to over 5 million or more in later stages of development. As the first storage provider to have introduced the concept of large-scale CO2 shipping, Northern Lights makes CCS an option for all emitters with access to a jetty. The open-access ship-based solution provides flexibility for emitters with no direct access to storage.“

The idea of Norther Lights is to bring Co2 in the sea !

But why can t you think inverse?

How can we solve the climate Change with poison CO 2?

Can t we rebuild CO 2 to other chemicals structures like coal? read more about a projekt in Australia, link.

If you follow this link, you reach the scientist

Dr Torben Daeneke

of this university in Melborne Australia, who is searching research looking for a intelligent solution of the worldwide pollution problem with Co2.

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