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Poetry Day UNESCO

Am 21. März, so möchte des die UNESCO, soll der Tag der feinen und feinsinnigst gesponnen Worte sein. Justamente tagt in Leipzig eine Literaturmesse. Hier haben einige Wissende Lyrik-Empfehlungen aus 2019 formuliert, link.
Der NDR berichtet abends, dass die Bedeutung von Lyrik und Gedicht-Bänden zugenommen hätte.  Aber in Wirklichkeit sind Lyrik-Bände im Verhältnis zu Romanen immer ein Mauerblümchen gewesen, wenn auch ein zart scheinendes, leuchtendes.
Wir zitieren aus der Sitzung der UNESCO in 2000:
World Poetry Day1The General Conference,Having considered document 30 C/82, on the proclamation of 21 March as World Poetry Day, togetherwith the Executive Board’s decision on the subject (157 EX/Decision 3.4.2),Endorsing the recommendations of the ad hoc meeting the conclusions of which are set out in document157 EX/9 and which, following a detailed analysis of the state of poetry as the century draws to aclose, regarded the proclamation of a day for poetry with satisfaction and enthusiasm,Convinced that the initiative to hold a worldwide event in support of poetry would give fresh recognitionand impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements,Mindful that this event, which responds to aesthetic needs in the present-day world, must haverepercussions on the promotion of linguistic diversity, since through poetry endangered languageswill have greater opportunities to express themselves within their respective communities,Mindfulalso that a societal movement towards the recognition of ancestral values entails a return to theoral tradition and acceptance of language as a factor contributing to the socialization andstructuring of the human individual, and that such a movement, which could help the young torediscover basic values, enables them to come face to face with themselves,Recalling that, since poetry is an art rooted both in the written text and in the spoken word, any action topromote it should be conducive to an intensification of international intercultural exchanges,1. Proclaims 21 March as World Poetry Day;2. Invites the Member States to take an active part in celebrating this Day, at both local and nationallevel, with the active participation of National Commissions, non-governmental organizations andthe public and private institutions concerned (schools, municipalities, poetic communities,museums, cultural associations, publishing houses, local authorities and so on);3. Invites the Director-General to encourage and support all national, regional and international initiativestaken in this respect.

1.Resolution adopted on the report of Commission IV at the 25th plenary meeting, on 16 November 1999.
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