Rapid digitalization is changing the funeral industry

I am glad to share this article from Memcare, Oslo, Norway as a guest article:

The pandemic has changed the way we work, communicate, and organize our lives – and accelerated the digitalization of the entire funeral industry.

When the pandemic came in early spring of 2020 there was suddenly a strong demand for video streaming services, digital registration of everyone attending the ceremonies, and our digital notification- and memorial page solution. These were services several funeral home client’s thought of as “almost science fiction” the year before. 

People in the funeral industry warned us about a conservative industry, when it came to new digital solutions, but we were sure that this market would change going forward. 

When a good friend and I, together with professional investors, established Memcare in 2017, the idea was simply to develop a highly scalable platform solution for both the bereaved and for funeral homes. Without any industry experience, we began the challenging project of digitizing the funeral industry to a new level.

People in the funeral industry warned us about a conservative industry when it came to new digital solutions, but we were sure that this market would change going forward.

We spent several years with a large tech team working closely with a selection of funeral homes in several countries and extensive research, to develop what the industry wanted: a total digital funeral solution, handling A-Z of the daily operation.

Both in terms of digital solutions for more efficient funeral home operation, but also digital solutions for the bereaved. Memcare has adapted the solutions for different faiths, languages, local documentation requirements / processes and geographies.

Today, a rapid digitalization of the funeral industry is finally taking place. And the change is happening in several areas of the industry and in several markets.

Supporting families digitally in a difficult time

In many countries, it is still common to publish obituaries in the newspaper, even though circulation is declining, and mobile phones, iPad and computers have taken over.  

In communities where the funeral takes place as quickly as possible, traditional obituaries do not reach families and friends fast enough, and the bereaved will normally call only the closest family members and let “word of mouth” take care of the rest. Memcare set out to solve this in a more accurate, efficient, and smarter way.

Memcare provides a unique notification service making it easy to immediately notify family, friends, and colleagues, and automatically keep track of who has been informed, and keep control of who has access to the information. Memcare also solve practical tasks such as removing online profiles, social media, e-mail accounts and much more.

Smarter solutions help families save money, reduce stress and spend more time on what is important to them during the grieving process. At the same time, our funeral home clients report increased customer satisfaction.

The fact that as many as possible are notified and gets the opportunity to participate in the funeral ceremony (physically or digitally trough video streaming) and that the family can read condolences on the digital memorial pages means a lot to those who have lost their loved ones.

Simplify funeral home operations

The funeral industry in Europe has not been spoiled when it comes to IT solutions. Since we established Memcare, we have not stopped being surprised at what legacy IT tools, both large and small funeral homes, use in their daily operations. Now funeral homes have opened their eyes to digital solutions and there seems to have been a larger change of attitude lately throughout the entire industry.

Even if we still have meetings with larger funeral homes that use only pen and paper to organize the entire business, the industry seems to be aware of the danger becoming trapped with pen and papers or an old and outdated solution for their funeral business.

 The funeral industry in Europe has not been spoiled when it comes to various IT systems.

Today, Memcare offers the only IT solution funeral homes need in daily operation and provide great competitive advantages through automation, streamlining, simplification and enhanced overview. Our cloud-based solutions help funeral homes with more effective processes. Working from wherever they want, have access to their work from all devices, and focus on running the funeral business, a business driver for growth, better results, and satisfied clients and employees.

Lars Martinsen, Co-Founder & CEO, Memcare

I will gladly schedule a talk regarding how we can help your funeral home business with digital solutions, feel free to send me an email (lars@memcare.com) or a message here. Hope to hear from you!

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